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Here is the page where you may read about the different leathers I use here at Von Bondage.  There is a variety of different leathers for different disciplines, as well as colors.  On request I can swap a certain leather for another if the style of the collar or restraint allows it. (some leather may be too thick for certain styles)  The all black Leather Restraints, Bondage Accessories and BDSM Bondage Collars come in either the Hot-Stuffed Napa Latigo leather hides that I get in from the Napa Valley or the Chahin English Bridle Leather hides.  Please read below for further details of the different leathers used.


Chahin Latigo Leather Hides   These grand hides are Kings of super-smooth.  They are used for the solid black coloured Bondage Collars w/Steel Hardware and most of the Leather Restraints; These hides are sides which are 8-9oz thick (3.2--3.6mm) and have a blend of greases and waxes rubbed into them. This leather offers the perfect combination of stuffing, flexibility, strength and beauty.  It is chrome veg retanned from U.S. heavy native steer hides for durability, high tensile strength and excellent condition.  It is very similar to the Chahin Bridle Leather with a tad bit more flexibility, hence why I use it for collars and restraints, and the bridle leather is used primarily for accessories.  These hides are supple and flexible, as well as stiff enough to keep there shape.



Padded Highlander Bullhide Leather w/Red Napa     The Grand-Master in my Arsenal of Leather Hides!  This is a supple, heavy grained, chrome tanned leather with timeless beauty. 12-13oz thick, this Padded Leather is made between the Bullhide Sides and the beautiful and vibrant Red Napa leather. The red Napa is bonded to the inside of the Bullhide which creates a high contrast, amazingly padded, outrageously decadent type of bondage restraints or collars!!  A large majority of the 1¾" and 2¼" Leather Restraints,  and Various Bondage Sets I have are going to be made with this leather. They will have a distinctive look and the feel of luxury. Choosing only premium, select bullhides, these 2 leather combos are the product of one of the finest tanneries in the USA. 

PADD-2inch-dee ring-side.jpg



Chahin Bridle Leather     This leather is one more example of innovation and expertise in tanning. This premier Chahin “English” Bridle Leather is the best  I’ve found offered by any veg tanner.  This leather is available in black and Rich Brown. The real value is found in the feel and heft of this leather. It is drum dyed for true dye penetration and is stuffed with greases, tallows and waxes that make it weather resistant, only more refined than harness leather.  While this leather is not tanned and curried in England, it is in many ways superior in price, yield, finish and feel. This leather is used for the 1½" wide Leather Restraints sets, some Bondage Collars including the Brass Hardware Line, as well as leashes and bondage accessories. It is 9/10oz thick. (3.6-4mm) 

BRASS-5-8th-2ft-full leather lead.jpg



Veg-tan European Bends     For the Red-Trim Leather Lines I use these European Single Bends. Tanned by one of the oldest continuously operating tanneries in Europe, this century old tradition of producing exquisite vegetable tanned leather is why I choose this foreign hide to use in my stock. The process begins with premium Scandinavian cowhides which are then tanned to meet the specifications of the finest bag manufacturers in Europe. From these hides, the choicest portions, the single bend is cut. 

AC-RT-Stallion Lead-close-up.jpg

Patent Leather Sides   These leathers are from about 1.5-2mm thick (3.5-4oz) and are bonded to the Supersoft Chrome-Oil Tanned leather sides I have in stock which are kept for the patents and the colored leathers.  Combined these make for some serious thicknesses of about 8-9oz of pure sinful luxury.  The patent leather lines come in earthy whorish red, and sinfully corrupt black and are very glossy on top. Although available by choice of color for just about all of my leather restraints and collars, there is also a separate section I have aside to view just the Patent Leather Collars to narrow down the view.




Coloured Leather Hides    Imported from the Napa Valley as well, these upholstery hides are very lush and soft!  They are used to line certain style restraints and collars for an extra soft feel, as well as bring some bold new colors to the Bondage Collars and Leather Restraints!!!  You may also choose these colours in the normal all black leather listings I have available; there is a choice of Fire Red, Royal Blue, and Baby Pink, Ivory White and Electric Purple.  The coloured leathers range is 3.5oz thick and is bonded to my Supersoft Chrome Oil Tanned black hides for extra thickness, comfort as well as contrast. All in all the colored leather line is about 10oz thick and make for very lush bondage wear.

RES-PR-1.5-dee rings.jpg



Soft Black w/Colour Inlay   - These hides are just the reverse of the Colour Lines.  So if you would like to have all black collars but with a subtle grain texture to them and have them be really soft as opposed to the stricter belt-type leathers like the Latigo and Bridle Leather, than this line is for you!  These Soft Black Leather Collars come with a peek-a-boo colour edging on the trim. The inside of the collars has the colour of your choice (red, baby pink, purple or blue) which lays against the skin and cannot be seen when the collar is worn except of the peek-a-boo edging. This leather line is ideal for submissives with sensitive skin. 




Leopard Hair-on-Calf - These exotic hides still have the hair on them for a fur effect.  Its about as close to fur as I will get since I only use leather from animals which are reared for the food industry.  These hides come from young steer calf and have a gorgeous leopard print stencil on them. I searched far and wide for the most real looking leopard I could find and this is it!! These hides come from Napa California and are bonded to the Highlander Bullhides to create a lovely thick collar that is strong and soft.  All in all these collars are about 9-10oz thick.  You will see products with both the leopard on the outside as well as leopard print Inlay so the leopard is on the inside against the skin.




Sheepskin Lined Bullhide -   This luxurious line of BDSM gear is made with the Highlander Bullhides which are bonded to a 1/2" thick Shearling.  These Shearlings are extremely thick and decadently comfortable!!  I always add a few extra holes tighter when doing custom fittings as the collars and cuffs will be able to be tightened over time when worn often enough, do to the shear relaxing a bit.  Stunning line of collars and cuffs!



Cognac Loredo Bullhide w/Buttercream Inlay -  This stunning new line is decadent, stylish, as well as comfortable. The Laredo Bullhide is a 5-6oz thick leather with a well defined grain that has a medium temper and a waxy sheen. Bonded to this leather is a Buttercream Napa leather that provides a striking colour contrast to the brown and is super amazing soft on the skin. The leather all in all is about 8-9oz thick and is adorned in solid brass hardware. Why not look absolutely fabulous while being demeaned, tethered and tied?