Von Bondage

Von Bondage is dedicated to selling supreme quality Leather Restraints, Bondage Collars, Patent Leather Chokers and various other Bondage Accessories to the BDSM, Fetish, Gothic, Punk and all Alternative Lifestyle communities.

Style & Quality

I have a large Arsenal of different wonderful leather hides I use for all of my Creations. Different Colours and Textures as well as varying grades of firmness for different Disciplines. The Black Hides used for the Leather Restraints, Bondage & Fetish Collars and Bondage Accessories are both the Chahin Latigo and the Chahin English Bridle Leather.  Both of which are extremely strong and durable; yet have their subtle difference in firmness between them. I also have a selection of Scandinavian Veg-Tanned Bends that I use for the Red-Trim line. The Scandinavian Bends are tanned by one of the oldest continuously operating tanneries in Europe. I also have a selection of 5 different coloured Napa Hides as well as Luxurious Moccasin grade Bison Hides, an array of Buffalo Hides from my supplier in Napa California. I carry 2 different colours of shiny Patent Leathers and 2 different types of Sheepskin Fleece. All sourced and tanned in the USA. 

100% Handmade

 Everything is custom made to order-- leaving for customers to request any sizes they wish, as well as any specific design ideas they may need.  I have a strong passion for my work and do all of my Creations with the utmost attention to detail.  After all, my customers are walking advertisements for me!!! I want to make everybody gorgeous and feel amazing, whether through an extravagant display of the body or being bound through submission! I hope you enjoy my ever growing bounty of Creations :)

Von Bondage through the Ages

I made my very first hand-made fetish collar back in 1995 and have had a passion for leather-craft ever since.  Back then I did not have a business but instead made things and sold them to the local shops on South Street in Philadelphia (where I lived at the time) for commission.  I then relocated to the UK in 1997 where I carried on creating all sorts of Spiked Collars, Bondage gear and even Dog Collars. In 2005 I officially set up as a business called OH! BONDAGE! In 2012 I re-located back to the USA and re-branded myself as Von Bondage.

I have been in business for 13 years now and have supplied a number of shops and websites throughout the UK & USA before deciding to solely sell retail through my websites.