Von Bondage

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

All domestic USA shipments are sent with a tracking number showing Delivery Confirmation.  Some of the heavier items that exceed 13oz in weight are sent by Priority Mail.  Basically if your shipping is costing $6.50 and up it will be shipped by Priority Mail. If your order is valued at $110 or more I will slap a Signature Required upgrade to the order so that you need to sign for it. This is a courtesy, you are not charged.

Shipping outside of the USA with fully trackable, insured parcels is very expensive.  I used to use Priority shipping for all overseas until I was informed that these are not fully trackable in the small box rates that I used.  The only way to send my parcels to my overseas customers FULLY TRACKED is to send by Express Mail or Medium Flat Box Rate for large orders.  Small orders are sent now using normal 1st class post and I insure it with a 3rd party insurer.  Please allow 25 days for your item to arrive before contacting me to make a claim.  With more expensive order I use Priority Mail with added 3rd party insurance OR Express Mail, depending on the value of your items. Express Mail gets to most destinations within 1 week and are fully insured for up to $200. It costs $60.00 flat rate to ship this way whether you order 1 collar or 5 collars. There is a pre-paid envelope they go into and I am happy to stuff as many things in that envelope as I can for the 1 fee.  Priority mail can take 1 to 3 weeks and is shipped by WEIGHT. The more items the more expense. This is usually much more money than Express Mail. If you have a very large order I use this method to ship.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING ALL VAT AND IMPORT DUTIES. Packages that are returned to me because you did not pay duties/VAT on your item will need to be paid for to be shipped out a 2nd time. I give tracking numbers out to you so please check these regularly and feel free to email me with questions.

If you have any questions about my shipping please ask me! I am more than happy to help or try to work out something.

My Returns Policy

All buyers must notify me of their wish to return the items within 3 days of receiving your package. Delivery confirmation will show me when you received the package. These items are hand-made and take time, they are not factory produced. I only offer refunds on Standard Sized Items.


 All returns must be in original packaging with receipts, and NOT WORN (except trying it on). If you request a special size in any of my items, and the size is wrong due to you not measuring correctly or giving me incorrect information, you will need to pay for additional costs for a new item to be made for you. i.e new leather and non-re-usable hardware from your original item. You may not return it for a refund.

All returned merchandise will incur a re-stocking fee. The re-stocking fee ranges from $5.00-$15.00 depending on what you are returning. (i.e. 6 piece hog-tie set is $15.00 and a single strap collar is $5.00) Collars over $40.00 are $10 return fee. I dont work for free. For custom made items there is a NO RETURNS policy. This is due to me not being able to re-sell custom sized pieces which have been special made for you. (I am more than happy to work something out for you with a new piece)  Please get your size correct! If I am in error I will pay for shipping for the item to be sent back to me and make a new item for free for you. Please ask me any questions first if you are unsure about anything, I am more than happy to help you!!

Remember that all sizes are of EXACT body circumferences (i.e. neck, wrists, ankles, thighs) When you give me a size for fitting make sure you give me the EXACT size without breathing room. No shirt sizes, as they are different. If you are unsure please email me and I will help you.