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Von Bondage Through the Ages...

Alysha Lockyer

How Von Bondage Came to Be!


If we travel back in time to the mid 1990s and travel to Philadelphia PA, we will find a young Miss Alysha Lynn fresh out of art school, heavily into the punk scene, and very tight on cash. I used to wear leather dog collars since high school, I just LOVED being in a collar! It felt so beautiful around my neck, and I felt so secure and protected. I did not realise I was a switch back then and usually played quite a Dominant role with men in general, except in my relationships at the time. I loved collaring others and always wore very Dominant collars on myself. Being tight on cash, I decided to start making my own collars and with no experience or teachings, I waltzed into the Leather Supplier down in Old City at the time, and told the staff that I needed to get leather and materials for making collars and belts. They gave me some advice, sold me a leather shoulder, sold me some tools and hardware, and I was off back to my apartment slicing, dyeing and hammering away.  The result of my first collar was atrocious and I wore it for 2 years straight with absolute pride! The buckle wasn't even on correct, and I had cut the strap with an X-acto blade. The rivet spikes weren't hammered in straight and the chain had rusted, but I had my FIRST HAND-MADE COLLAR. From that point forward I knew what I wanted to do in life...

Fast forward 6 months, and I had gotten quite good respectively. I purchased a much needed strap-cutter, bought leather dye to make different coloured collars. Had an anvil donated to me by my friend Ben and practised my little tits off day and night. Eventually I was good enough to sell on commission to stores like Zipperhead and Veem on South Street which was quite a lively street with tonnes of shops open till about 1am on weekends. Lots of alternative lifestyles hung out down there and I started making my first sales!  I began to make restraints and bondage accessories as well. I used to work in a cute little sex shop and had a few contacts for shows and events to go and sell my stuff at tables. I continued this for about 2 years and then moved to the UK!

Once in the UK, I shipped my gear over and started making my collar and restraints empire again. Manchester hosted Fetish Events, and Vintage to Fetish was a wonderful shop that I sold my line to. Lynn (who now owns an amazing corset shop called Kiku , that creates handmade corsets) was the Manageress who gave me a chance, and started to buy from me. It was there I came up with a name for my company called Oh! Bondage!  

old letterhead!!

old letterhead!!


In 2005 I started to sell online which allowed me to sell retail as well and sell personally to customers. I created a website and sold on ebay, and continued to sell to companies and shops.  In 2011 my Husband and I decided to move to the USA, and it was then that I changed my name to Von Bondage. In 2012 we moved overseas and registered my business as Naos Leathers with NY State and re-branded as Von Bondage®. I started to sell on Etsy and created the current website you see today. I strictly sell retail now and stopped wholesaling. I registered Von Bondage® as a Trade Mark in early 2017. 

My business has taken off from my meagre beginnings of just selling 1 type of leather collars and restraints, to offering over 15 different leathers and vegan options to choose from!!! I have a multitude of colours, as well as different types of hides. I also include 3 different vegan options. My hardware choice is also on the rise! I used to only work with nickel and solid brass, but now I offer stainless steel, black poly-coated steel, and introducing COPPER!!!

Von Bondage is forever growing and adding new designs and leathers to my repertoire. I also encourage customizations and designs that suit my customers tastes. I look forward to a long and prosperous future working with my customers.